Agency Committee

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Represents Association interests with all government agencies except U.S. Customs & the FMC.
CBP Agriculture will stay separate from USDA.  Please make sure your cargo has proper marking on the wood packing material.  Only the method of exportation will be accepted if improperly marked.
CITES Regulation, 50CFR23 has been updated and has taken effect.  Make sure you and your clients are informed of the new changes before you handle FWS regulated items.
Until FDA is fully staffed, they’re cutting down the outreach program.  If you have issues or inquiries to discuss with them, you can contact the OGA Committee.
If you are interested in knowing more about the various branches of government that are involved with import and export of, please join the committee - we hold regular and very fruitful meetings with all agencies to facilitate international trade, while ensuring the highest levels of safety of products.
We invite members wanting to get involved with this or any other committee to contact the committee chairperson at the email address below.  We are always looking for members to get more involved with their association and be a part of the process.

Mindy Li