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Jupigo StreetSmart
Jupigo provides the platform for trucking community to have greater connectivity.  Its first release of StreetSmart last year, allows dispatchers to locate a street-turn match instantly.   The recent version allows drivers or owner-operators to post their empty need or availability, initiate a SmartMatch with other truckers, and fill out transaction details for dispatchers.  Now not one single container will miss the opportunity to be street-turned!      
To subscribe to Jupigo, go to
Jupigo app is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play Store.
Users can also access the web portal at


April 2017
  • Cinco de Mayo with Congresswoman Jackie Speier - May 5, 2017
  • Surety & ADD/CVD Issues May 17, 2017
  • CEE Apparel, Footwear & Textiles June 14, 2017
  • CHB Exam Prep Course Fall 2017 - July 08, 2017
March 2017
    An Evening with Congresswoman Jackie Speier
  • Peter Friedmann's View from Washington DC - March 2017
  • PCC Mission to Washington D.C.
  • PCC Mission Breakout Session with FDA-FSVP
  • Duty Free Entry under 9801
  • CBFANC New Website!
  • CBFANC Social Media
  • New Members of CBFANC!
  • 2017 Educational & Program Events
  • 2017 State of the Port
  • CBP Info Notice ACE Cargo Release Downtime Procedures 728-17-04
  • Will Amazon Revolutionize Shipping?
  • World's Biggest Shipping Company Voices Alarm at Trump Trade War
  • U.S. and Mexico Working to Resolve Issues Affecting Bilateral Sugar Trade

December 2016
  • CBFANC President Year Wrap Up!
  • PCC Mission to D.C. – More Important Now than Ever!
  • Where are our New Brokers At? Time to take that Exam!

November 2016
  • Port News, the Latest
  • You Missed a Great One! CPSC Seminar Recap
  • Did You Cast Your Vote? CBFANC Board of Directors

October 2016
  • Election, TPP – Peter Friedmann’s View from Washington D.C.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission Seminar – Don’t Miss Out - WED, OCT 26!!!
  • Let’s Do It!  Board of Directors Elections – CBFANC & Our Industry Needs YOU!!!
September 2016
  • Ocean – the Fall Lineup
  • As the World of Hanjin Turns
  • WESCCON – ACE, West Coast Ports & Hanjin – What More Can We Say?

August 2016 
  • ACE – Updated PGA Pilots Status Report
  • FDA FSMA Seminar Summary
  • Cotton Fee – to be LOWERED!
  • FDA Website Revamp!

July 2016 
  • The Latest in Port News
  • A Broker’s View on SSA Night Gates
  • Stainless Steel Wire Rod Anti-Dumping Review
  • Proposed Amendment to ISF Regulations
  • WESCCON Scholarship Time!
June 2016
  • Gate Fee – The Painful Procedure
  • UK Says Bye-bye to EU – What becomes of the US-EU Deal?
  • NTAS Bulletin Notice
  • JAL Cargo – New Location Notice
May 2016
  • Customs Committee Goodies & Tips
  • Truckers, Smartphones & Apps – Will this help Port Congestion?
  • June 15th, FDA ACE – LIVE – Are you ready?  Let us help!
  • CHB Exam Prep Course – LET’S DO IT!
  • Junker &Nakachi – Tips on Petitions for Duty Suspensions!
April 2016
  • The Latest on SOLAS & Our Ports
  • Peter Friedmann’s View from Washington D.C.
  • Peter is on His Way – Annual Breakfast Address
  • PCC Mission – Have you signed up?
March 2016
  • ACE – As it stands for March 31st.
  • Port & Problems – What’s New?
  • CHB Prep Course – Future Goals
  • PCC Mission – We Need YOU!
February 2016
  • Yes – MORE ACE…
  • Peter Friedmann’s View from Washington D.C.
  • ADD/CVD Update
  • CBFANC Broker Exam Boot Camp
January 2016 
  • ACE – Blink Once – already here…
  • Pier, Port, AARRGGGGHHHH
  • PCC Mission to D.C.
  • Customs Broker Examination Right Around the Corner!