Legislative Committee

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Reviews legislative issues and proposals that may affect members' interests, including topics referred by the NCBFAA or PCC; recommends positions and actions as appropriate to the Board and members.
Twice a year we go off to lobby on behalf of the membership. To review the latest CBFANC position paper, please click here.

The legislative committee closely monitors legislation which impacts our industry. We attend the PCC Mission to Washington every Spring and the NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference in the Fall. We try to bring our elected representatives up to speed on how legislation affects business. We are particularly sensitive to how both legislation and governmental programs impact our clients. As front line participants in the evolving global economy, we need to offer our knowledge and make our voices heard. 

Please contact us to share your concerns about governmental programs and legislation which could affect your business. Join our monthly meetings!  We invite members wanting to get involved with this or any other committee to contact the committee chairperson at the email address below.  We are always looking for members to get more involved with their association and be a part of the process.
Legislative Committee:  legislative@cbfanc.org

James McNamee / Flexport