Membership Committee

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Facilitates membership development and retention.
This committee serves two functions. The first area is to promote membership in the CBFANC. This includes contacting and extending information on the benefits of professional membership to Custom Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Air Cargo Forwarders and Cargo Agents in our industry that are not now members. CBFANC seminars, classes and social events provide a knowledge base and gathering place those involved in international traffic and trade. We want this group to beware of an Associate Membership and that this class of membership provides ready access to the events.
The second area  encompasses clerical duties. These include processing of membership applications for review by the CBFANC board. The committee acts as a liaison with both Professional and Associate members concerning proper recording of contact information and assists on questions and follow up with annual renewal and dues.
If not already a member, please join and we would love to hear your ideas on how we can expand membership!  We invite members wanting to get involved with this or any other committee to contact the committee chairperson at the email address below.  We are always looking for members to get more involved with their association and be a part of the process.
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Peter Gong
Great Way/USA

Chris Ramos / KSI Corp.
Chris Kammer / Access Supply Chain Service //